My Past

With a degree in Rhetoric from UC-Berkeley, I decided to work as a journalist so I could write & travel. This plan worked. As a journalist, I worked in  Blythe, Calif., El Centro, Calif., Mexico City, Mexicali, Salinas, Calif., the Bay Area, with brief travels to Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. 


The Present

Today, I split my time between my place in Berkeley and my cabin on the Russian River in the Northern California town of Duncans Mills.

I've had several stories published, including The Asphodel Meadow, which won the PEN America/Robert Dau Award for Emerging Writers.


The Future - ffrrfr

On the horizon is my novel ffrrfr -- an Oulipian adventure that explores the question: Do constraints stifle creativity or do they fuel creativity?